Updated: A day with a broken Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Pie update

Update: patch was released April 19th, 2019. Try it, seems to be fixing the issue for everyone.

Let me preface this – most people don’t have this update issue. For them, this article does not apply. Here are the symptoms that the people who have the connectivity issue have following the Sprint Note 8 Pie update and some things you can try.

Updates at the end, no Sprint fix yet although you can leave Sprint and be fine, rumors

The same exact issue (from my perspective,) popped up on the Galaxy S10 Sprint update two weeks ago as popped up on my unrooted unmodified Samsung Galaxy Note 8 yesterday after the Android Pie update.

The symptoms

  • Very long delay before it finds a signal after boot.
  • Unable to establish a wireless data connection message.
  • Emergency calls only message
  • LTE full bars with no data followed by LTE with 1 bar no data followed by no signal, then either nothing or eventually 3G.
  • RilNotifier Unable to establish a wireless data connection LTE: ESM – x EMM – 13 APN – n.ispsn

Fixes to try

  • Dial ##update# (updates profile and PRL)
  • Reset phone connection state by dialing ##72786#
  • Disable bands as outlined in this post ( benjaminxzf
    ##3282# Edit -> Enter MSL: 000000 -> OK -> LTE -> Band41 Enabled -> Deselect -> Reboot. )
  • If you’re connected but have bad data dial *#0011# and note what LTE band you’re on, then perhaps disable as above.
  • Factory reset (most likely will not fix it)
  • Change out the SIM card (Sprint’s forced to reprovision the account)
  • Change data mode from automatic to CDMA / LTE (phone will restart even though it’s on CDMA / LTE)
  • Ditch Sprint
  • Change radio band priority
  • Buy a tunic, live in the woods with the squirrels and the bears
  • ##brand# this will remove all branding info and reset the phone. Your data will fail to work. Dial ##72786# to get back your crappy 3G.


I was on with Sprint to the point I got referred to people who weren’t reading a troubleshooting script.

Had LTE no issues before the update. Issue persists at work (North of town,) and home (South of town).

Issue only on my phone, not my wife’s.

While the S10 is a different phone, the problems with the S8 read exactly like it. It’s reasonable to believe, in my opinion, that the Samsung / Sprint radio interface module may have some issues.

I was unable to get the turning off of radio bands to stick on my phone. Not sure if that is ever going to apply to a Note 8 update.

Really, read this – you’re not alone.

Sprint community LTE gone on Note 8
Note 8 Pie update no LTE and limited network

Much larger thread on the issue that’s current as of 4/5/19

Updates: according to this post, there’s an internal email dated over a week ago about the issue and a fix that needed to happen. As the Pie release was not on the Note 8 a week ago, if it’s about the Note 8 it’s because they knew the Note 10 problems were going to come to the 8.

Still no fix

Several people reporting leaving Sprint for T-Mobile or Verizon makes the LTE work.

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4 thoughts on “Updated: A day with a broken Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Pie update

  • ok, I had to drive 13ish miles to a Sprint Corporate store to try a SIM card swap (didn’t work) and then I wanted a Nanosim so I could activate my other phone, Sprint Corporate didn’t have it so they sent me to another place out in Rivergate. They tried a few things, don’t have any idea what to do at the moment as there’s no fix. I was told they could send the phone in. Said nope, not yet.

    Asked if they could activate the Doogee S90 on Sprint, he said that Sprint doesn’t touch dual-SIM phones. Urf.

    He ran ##brand# which pretty much knocked out all the crappy internet I did have, but ended up resetting with the ##72786#

    Sprint guy also mentioned a product they have to roll back software installs, however it comes with the side of factory resetting your data also and I’m not able to handle that until tonight (if anyone knows how to roll back from the comfort of my own house, drop me a line, not been doing much root level activity with this thing)

  • Avatar of Josue Munguia

    I received a new update this nothing 4/19 and it fixed the LTE issues


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