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Don’t forget about Cloud Printing on Android

If you use Google Chrome and an Android device, don’t forget you probably have the option to use any of the printers you have access to.

Many newer printers are cloud connected by default meaning you can associate a printer with your account on your computer that’s on the network, then hit the computer with a sledgehammer and still be able to print using the Android device.

Cloud Print setup from Chrome

Older printers probably require your computer sitting on with a Chrome service running in the background though. They’ll be listed as classic printers

If you’re on a computer that has a printer connected you want your Android to be able to get, type chrome://devices in the address bar, register the printer, run down two flights of stairs to get to the printer to see the connect message disappear right as you reach the printer. OK, maybe that was just me, just be somewhere near the printer and have someone press OK if it’s any distance.

From there on out in most web apps on Android you can choose share, choose print, then choose a printer. In gmail it’s just menu, print.

Google Cloud Print menu print

You can choose to print to a printer, print to a local PDF, or save whatever to your Google Drive in case you want to look at it later.

I continually hear of people sending a link to their email so when they can get to their desk they can print something, even though it’s 2019 and print should be dead, it’s not.

Probably more useful if you’re dealing with multiple floors between your computer, your meeting location, and your printer. Alternately useful if you’re in a multistory office building and routinely need to print out instructions and don’t want to remote desktop into your three monitor computer to print.

You can read more about Google Cloud Printing here.

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