Google announces new gaming platform that totally won’t be abandoned in 2023

Stadia is a streaming platform that Google’s been playing with, it got the formal pre-end-of-life Google Product announcement on Google’s blog today.

Stadia, pronounced like Stadium, features an XBOX-like controller, and streams games to whatever device you’re on. TVs, phones, your browser, etc.

For the first time in gaming history, a single player can now blame lag for why they failed so hard.

Like, totally Google's controller design

I don’t see many details on the thing other than that the controller is WiFi with a Google Assistant button built in. As their goal is 4K 60FPS capability of gaming I’d guess a lot of the processing is done on the client side, although they claim most is server. We’ll see.

If history’s any indicator with Google, the Stadia, which looks like a gaming platform that should be able to take on the big names, will be abandoned once Google realizes adoption rates are not high among people who already own a gaming platform or who live in internet droughts.

You’d be amazed how terrible the internet really is in some areas.

I don’t think they’re going to get 60 FPS 4K UHD without some serious client-side processing, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in that controller.

Would be neat to see an end to some of the E-waste that goes into all the gaming consoles, but I’m going to have to see how this handles multiplayer when a millisecond counts.

I expect a major rebrand from Stadia to PlayStadia shortly.

It may sound like I’m a bit down on this, but I really do hope for this project to succeed. I’ve been following streaming gaming (the games being streamed to the player, not the people playing the games and talking to you,) for years since before it was a Google project and was being done by another company I met at CES. They never got traction, maybe Google can.

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