Google Maps Terrible No Good Very Bad Day

I regularly use Google Maps to get to work. Not so much because I forget where I work, but because I like to know whether my path is compromised by a wreck or something.

TL;DR – double check maps, it’s been acting wonky lately.

There are two routes to my work that are 9.1 miles from the location I ask for directions involving two entirely different interstate systems (or a couple of main roads as well). This usually works out for me as I can choose my own driving adventure.

Google maps bad day - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Today I noticed Google Maps was directing me toward I24 as opposed to 65 or 440. But on both 65 and 440 it said they were 10 minutes faster. I had not left the parking lot at this point, so don’t worry about me mapping and driving, I had some time to look and see what was up.

As I’m looking at two other routes that were 10 minutes faster according to Google Maps I got a notification that there was a wreck on 24 causing a 28 minute delay. Maps did not offer me the customary re-route and insisted that I should still go that way.

I ignored it and its three plees to turn around and go into the now 38-minute longer path.

I got to work driving a creepily unbusy 65 / 40E combo. When I got to work I looked at 24 and it was a solid red line.

I started wondering how many people using Google Maps got pointed into the wreck, then surveyed our normally half full in the morning parking lot (90 car capacity,) and saw 7 cars. Guessing a few.

In the past when there’s been a wreck or a slowdown I’ve always been offered the option to go a different route. Today was the first time I had Google attempt to put me on an interstate parking lot.

2019 03 22 08.15.05 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

No crap I made it early, I ignored everything you gave me. Go home Skynet, you’re drunk.

This is about 5 days after Google Maps decided to take me and the family on a 1.8 lane snaking mountain road for 8 miles because it was a mile shorter than the main roads. That was fun.

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