Sprint rolling out Pie to Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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If you’re on Sprint (I am,) and you’ve got a Note 8 (I do,) today’s your lucky day. Or not, we’ll see how this upgrade goes.

Update: I no longer have LTE, can’t stay connected to 3G, and just spent an hour on with Sprint.

There’s a special things to note at the end for Note 8 people (such as why you can’t get to your apps) – read it before freaking.

Android Pie (9) is rolling out along with the new Samsung UI.

The update is 1710.24 megabytes, or if you’re on Sprint and in Franklin/Cool Springs area dealing with their .02mbit towers, you’ll have it by next Wednesday.

The install will take a bit as you’ve got to verify the package, reboot, flash the package, optimize the bits, knobs and dials have to be randomly flicked and the room has to appear to careen left and to the right.

Started install at 8:48am cst, at 9:02am the phone was back and booted and showing no LTE and no cellular connection. During the upgrade the Sprint logo was on the screen with no signs of anything other than a dimming/brightening blue indicator light for about five-7 minutes.

At 9:02 when I was able to get into the phone, I was unable to make calls for about 2-3 minutes and then the LTE / cell connection started working.

Lesson: have 17 minutes to spare when you update the phone.

You can force a check for an update by hitting settings, system updates, download manually.

Things to note with the Note 8 update

  1. 3-minute dead on LTE/Cell after update/reboot. This appears to be the case every boot for me.
  2. Permissions previously set in permissions monitor don’t hold, even though they’re set you’ll get at least one warning.
  3. Game Launcher will require signing your life away for a new EULA.
  4. Swiping up from home did not open app drawer any more (on first boot.) The method is swipe down on the screen. A reboot fixed this for me and it’s back to normal.
  5. Always on display isn’t any more.
  6. No LTE, although this might be just a Sprint Nashville issue. (PRL update appears to temporarily resolve and then I lose LTE a minute or two later).

Always on display is still an option (that is turned on on mine and not working,) and if you tap the screen a couple of times it returns. Not sure what’s up with that.

3-minute cell phone connect delay appears to be the new norm. I’ve updated profile and PRL and I’ll see if that does anything, or perhaps Sprint’s just having issues in my area.

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