When you’ve got to go, where does your phone go?

I’m writing this with the realization that this is the most bizarre praise for a product I installed I’ve ever gotten from my job, and have decided to pass it on and shamelessly attempt to profit from it.

TL;DR – toilet paper dispenser with cell phone tray.

I’m the IT director at a company that has survived more changes than you’d believe over the past 19 years I’ve been there, and as such I’ve learned to wear many hats. I’m also a blogger who manages his own sites/servers, run several rental properties, and have kids. I fix everything all day every day.

Examples: If I can fix a busted outlet this saves us money, if I can swap a lock this saves us money, if I can run cabling, money, if I can reasonably fix it and get my job done saving funds I do it.

A few months back the person who handles most of what I consider wall-things (painting, holders, patching, etc) was out and I was asked if I had a chance to look at a toilet paper holder that had busted in one of our tenant’s common bathrooms.

Yup, the old $4 toilet paper holder was shot (and was out of place looking in an otherwise nice bathroom.) I could replace it, or I could improve it. I improved it.

Our bathrooms are a toilet next to a wall and there’s really no place to put your phone that doesn’t risk it falling when it rings, or you have to reach to place the phone somewhere while you’re getting up, or you have to attempt to place it on a sink just out of reach.

I got this thing:

51UVFUKAVPL. SL1000 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

That is quite simply a solid metal toilet paper roll holder that does not require you to squeeze a plastic tube with wet or poop-ridden hands to change a roll, and has a resting place for every cell phone I’ve ever thrown at it. [Get it on Amazon, make us that fat $1 commission] [same link no commission]

So I got a couple of those from Amazon, installed in 2 of our 13 bathrooms, use those two bathrooms whenever I’m scouring the internet for something interesting to post or researching a topic, or otherwise have my phone on me and they’re not occupied.

51Ifmk%2BpwUL - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

These have been in place for about three or four months and I hadn’t really thought much about them until I got an email forwarded praising the hell out of them. Waiting on permission to share said email, it was praising however.

I’ve been asked to order 10 more, and yeah. Thug life. You have to go, these make that experience a little easier with a cell phone in tow. You can even prop your phone up to Netflix and crap.

You spend 2000+ hours on the toilet over a lifetime, and these days chances are you’re glued to your phone while becoming one with the toilet.

Man, I realize it reads kind of sad that my most complementary work email to date this year has been over a toilet paper holder / cell phone tray, but evidently it’s the little things.

Now to start placing bottles of Whoosh on these things and complete my cell phone bathroom takeover.

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