22 days of no LTE / Signal on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Sprint still running people through 4 hour debugging

Update: fix may be out now

I’m going to give this in summary fashion.

March 26th, Android 9 update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on Sprint came out and knocked out about 5% of phones from what I can guess.They’re saying it came out on the 22nd now as a note

Four day certification test
Monday April 15th is a post saying the update was yanked. This is the only time I see this info.

Issue’s been acknowledged as an issue that Sprint and Samsung are working on for at least the past two weeks.

The Android 9 update that is killing some of the Galaxy Note 8 devices is/was still being pushed out by Sprint. Looks like on Monday they’re saying it was removed.

Sprint help desk is still running people through the dog and pony show of ##72786#, ##brand#, update profile/prl, factory reset, yadda yadda.

Sprint support still is telling people they can take their phone in to be repaired but there might be a charge.

The US tech team is ghosting people. I’ve got four emails into them, one person emailing me back asking for a number to call me at, and no calls. This after me being the second or third person to call in the morning of the disastrous update.

Samsung is still telling people it’s Sprint’s issue. Samsung built the update for Sprint, Sprint certified (supposedly tested,) the update and released it after what appears to be a four day certification process.

Customers who leased the phones are not being offered replacements. Refunds are not going out for lack of service (you can’t use WiFi calling on half the updated versions due to location timeout, the standard voice can be affected by the buggy tower chooser.)

Some people keep dropping in the forums saying “##72786# worked for me” – doesn’t help the matter, everyone in the forums have tried that, you’re the rare and special unicorn that it worked for.

The only solution currently is to take your phone, go to T-Mobile, Verizon, etc, pop a SIM in, see that you now have LTE, switch carriers, and move on with your life.

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