A Sprint-unfriendly fix for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Android Pie Sprint LTE issues arises

Updated: fix may be out now (4/19/19)

OK, going to cut to the chase here, the LTE and connection issues a small number of Samsung Galaxy Note 8s experienced on Sprint during the update to Android Pie appear to be Sprint exclusives. Yay.

Related: some things you can try to stabilize your phone if you’re waiting for a patch. The big list of troubleshooting for the Sprint LTE Pie/Android 9 update that will most likely not work. We’ve dubbed this the Sprint Pie in your face event. Click through to see all related articles.

By that, people have found that going to T-Mobile or Verizon and switching service (carrier, leaving Sprint,) fixes the issue. If you’ve got UICC Unlock (meaning you own the phone and are not leasing it,) go to a T-Mobile or Verizon or whatever your favorite carrier store is and ask them to try a SIM.

If it does not work, drop us a line. You’ll be the first.

T-Mobile generally has testers laying around, I’m not familiar with Verizon’s outlets as I’ve never been to one, you’ll see LTE connect and bam. Takes about a minute, doesn’t screw with your phone long term if you switch back.

Sprint claims to be working with Samsung for a fix, but of course offers no ETAs and every Sprint rep you talk to is evidently required to do the same 45 minute song and dance wasting of your time because, Sprint.

It’s rather important that your phone be UICC unlocked before you try this (this means you’re not leasing the phone, and that Sprint has released all liens against the phone.) If you still owe money on the device chances are good you’re not UICC unlocked.

You can determine whether or not you’re UICC Unlocked by going to Settings, System Updates, and if you see unlocked, you’re golden.

Screenshot 20190411 093910 Settings - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
Example of not golden, also not a Note 8 but that’s about 11 miles from me at the moment

I am uncertain if you’ve completely lost data and phone if you’ll even be able to UICC unlock over WiFi, but maybe…

It should be noted that while the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Sprint LTE issue appears to be a Sprint exclusive, the Note 10 issues are across the spectrum.

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