CHOETECH T535-S Dual Wireless Charger Review

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Qi wireless charging has really hit the mainstream recently with Apple’s inclusion of it on their recent generations of iPhones. There are lots of options out there for Qi chargers and one of the newest is from respected accessory brand CHOETECH. The T535-S charges two phones (or watches or whatever) simultaneously. It’s a great option for the two-phone-geek or the couple with multiple Qi-compatible phones.


The T535-S stands out from some other Qi chargers I’ve used because it is compact, sleek, and very grippy. The unit is all black with a rubbery surface that grabs on to every phone I put on it. There’s a USB C port for use with the included USB C/USB A cable and a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3 power brick that gives you maximum charging speed on all your devices.

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Size wise, the charger is about perfect. It’s just the right size for two big phones. I tested with my wife’s iPhone XS Max (6.5 inch screen) and a BLU VIVO XL4 (6.2 inch screen) and they fit perfectly side by side.


There are five charging coils included in the T535-S. The benefit here is that it is much easier to find the “magic charging spot” when you place your phone on the charger. If you’ve ever fumbled with adjusting and repositioning your phone on a Qi charger in the past then you will appreciate this feature.

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The charger works with Samsung’s fast 10W wireless charging standard, though I don’t have a compatible Samsung device to test against. It also supports Apple’s 7.5W fast charging and, of course, standard 5W Qi charging. Wireless charging cannot meet the charging speeds of PD or QC wired connections but it is convenient. It’s the sort of thing you keep near your desk so you can always keep your phone battery topped off.


The CHOETECH dual Qi charger is a nice piece of hardware. It is solidly built, as every CHOETECH accessory I’ve used has been. I love the grip that the charger has and how easy it is to find a charging coil. For $50 it’s a decent value if you have two devices to charge.

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