Edifier TWS2 Wireless Bluetooth Earbud review

Chances are you’re looking for how the Edifier TWS2 sounds rather than a spec sheet, and they sound extremely good on the upper end but feel like the old Bose emulation of bass from the 90’s. Warning, this review is all over the place, TL;DR pretty good for the price.

Edifier TWS2 earbuds
Take those little things off to charge. Mine had a 90% charge when I got it so you should be able to play with them right out of the box.

I mean, they do a good job, but I’ve got bass-driving truly wireless earbuds that do bass that I can feel. Not feel a lot mind you, but… different price range.

Three hour battery life with a charging sarcophagus that extends that to 12 hours. This might work wonders for people using these because while comfortable, anything more than two hours and these are ear killers for me. Your ear canal pain will vary.

Edifier TWS2 earbuds

One of the things I did really note about the Edifier TWS2 were the passive sound blocking was about the best I’ve had, and the wind vs shape of the earbuds meant I wasn’t hearing wind noise much (very windy the two days of testing).

Edifier TWS2 earbuds

The passive sound dampening combined with the loudness of them removed a rather large park from my audio periphery and I felt like I was in a recording studio somewhat. The levels were wrong, but the feeling was right.

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Connectivity wise, the TWS2 survived the dreaded back pocket lean test I’m doing now. That’s where the line of sight from the bluetooth transmitter in your phone is completely blocked by most of your body. For me this kills almost all of the audio on most devices I use.

As I primarily use earbuds while mowing and such, leaning forward to pick something up, weed, etc is a large thing for me. I lose connectivity a lot, never did with these. That’s fairly impressive and wins my “ok, you’re cool” award for earbuds.

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They’re loud enough without reaching pain thresholds. I believe this means if you’re hard of hearing they’re probably not going to work well for you.

They look a little like oversized hearing aids made out of Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide.

I really was impressed by the immersiveness, never had an earbud lose connectivity (Bluetooth 5, dual connectivity may be to blame.)

These are not my favorite earbuds, but they’re the best at maintaining a connection and unless you’re a bass fiend I think you’re going to be ok with them. If not, remember, we live in a world where you can return them, usually for free.

Edifier TWS2 earbuds
  • Connectivity: Impressive
  • Bass: Marvin says “okayyy”
  • Treble: good
  • Midrange: slinky

The Edifier TWS2 True Wireless Earbuds are available from Amazon for $79.99

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