Galaxy Folds destroyed by removing what appears to be a screen protector, or looking at TacoPhone sideways

If you’ve had a few cell phones in the past part of unboxing them and getting ready to use them involves popping off a little plastic sheet that’s sitting on the unit to keep it looking pretty until it’s thrown in your pocket.

If you do that on the new $2,000 Samsung Galaxy Fold, you will be destroying the product. Between multiple bloggers pulling off what defiantly appears to be a “peel me off” sheet and destroying the unit at the start, to a few fold fault, it was not a great day for the Fold.

My review unit of the Samsung Galaxy Fold broke before it even shipped… ok, I kid, I’m below Samsung’s radar except when an entirely unintentional accident happened with some cases last month and I got a call near midnight.

While there is a note in the packaging that that’s a protective and integrated piece of the equipment, it’s gonna get peeled.

The Fold is joining Samsung’s flagship of fail with the launch S10 LTE problems on many carriers and some phones at launch, the old nice exploding Note 7, and some fourth thing I’m reaching for but it’s late and I’m sick and it’s not coming.

Hope they get this resolved quickly, don’t know how I’m going to get my diamond encrusted Fold if the screen keeps looking like a peel-me sticker.

From what Twitter can tell me there were 200 review units shipped with 5 dead within two days. This puts it at a 2.5% failure rate at day two, or if this report is to be believed and nothing else breaks, Samsung’s got a product out of the gate that’s failing 31.5% less than most of their products.

I see reports of at least two more people who I don’t know with dead ones with the wrap still on. Meh, let Samsung sort it out or perhaps let Sprint support say to wait until a patch comes then charge people $150.

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