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There’s not a terribly lot exciting going on in Android at the moment, at least in my opinion, and that may either be that the OS has reached where it needs to be, or perhaps it’ll take a transforming phone that lets me fly to impress me these days. I’ve seen a lot.

I’m trying (personally,) to limit writing to what actually interests me rather than pounding out news, unless that interests me. So many streams of news, products to test, and the like and all of them seem to end up as microscopic progressions toward a perfected ideal that we’re close enough to to not notice half the time.

Pocketables the web site is having some issues with our host. We’re seeing cURL DNS resolution timeouts, which is something that I never wanted to deal with in the first place because I don’t want to support WordPress. Wanted to write about Android, but you know if I’m waiting 19 seconds every minute and a half while three or four DNS queries time out evidently I get to complain for 11 days now that cURL isn’t working properly for us.

The support for Yoast and another plugin got in, diagnosed it as cURL being messed up, told the host, host at 11 days now going back and forth with things like “your page loads in two seconds” – yes, my page loads in two seconds, the editors are seeing 19-70 second delays doing anything… rassafrassa.

I’m considering with all the free time I have between a full time job, managing five houses, and being a parent, of running for a council position in Nashville. It’s an interesting position as really, I don’t want it, however the person who I want for it isn’t running, and the person who is I’m pretty not thrilled with what I’ve heard.

One of those things when you’ve lived a life with professions as a comedian, programmer, landlord, IT tech, network engineer, and a slew of odd blogging, pretty sure if anyone wanted an easier to misquote political rival they couldn’t find one better than me.

I’ve got a few more days to decide, and I have to read up on a lot of things and talk to the current councilman to see, meh, we’ll see.

Anyway, late night ramblings as it’s warm, my AC’s not handling the bedroom particularly well, and I’m at the end of 2.5 weeks of flu or something which means I’m feeling far too fine to sleep…

Oh yeah, if you happen to have any idea why cURL would randomly timeout at 5006 ms trying to resolve DNS sometimes but not every time, and why from a command prompt DNS resolutions is like 0.0015 seconds, drop me a line.

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