Updated: In other Galaxy Note S8 LTE loss news: if you have even talked with Sprint, check your bill

As I jumped phones I got a lot of paperwork. I powered up my S10 on April 5th, the day I walked into a Sprint store and got it, and have been going with it since.

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I checked the online paperwork tonight and there was the device protection on it, I had not requested that, but more than that the device protection had been put on on the 27th of the previous month. I checked emails and yup, two or three days before I replaced the phone (or even had planned to,) I had been enrolled without my knowledge in the Asurion coverage plan for my Note 8.

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Someone slapped Asurion device protection on my Note 8 unasked for on the 27th. I checked and March 27th I was on the phone with Sprint for about an hour, drove to their corporate store at Opry Mills to try a new SIM, and then drove to a store in Rivergate in an attempt to activate another phone with a nano SIM (corp store did not have nanos).

So yeah, tried to get tech support and one of the people decided to pocket an Asurion device protection commission.

Great job Sprint! Glad I’m being robbed while I’m trying to get help with an issue that’s evidently Sprint specific on the Note 8.


I talked with an actually helpful Sprint employee today and was told that in the process of troubleshooting, any time a phone gets activated (probably meaning a SIM getting activated,) they’re auto-slapping on Asurion device protection on.

Meaning the Sprint corporate store (Opry Mills,) that swapped my SIM and activated the new one, or the Sprint retail outlet that attempted to force activation and reprovisioning, or perhaps the Oklahoma tech support caused an auto charge.

So potentially not a rep going for commission, but Sprint screwing you automatically, which is somehow a very Sprint feeling thing to do.

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