Updated: Possible hope for those affected by the Note 8 LTE bug

There hasn’t been a lot of news coming from Sprint on the broken Note 8 update, so little in fact I had to jump into a different phone because I literally cannot work at Sprint’s 3G speeds. Gave it two weeks, didn’t want to go but had to.

Update: Jim on the Pocketables YouTube video we posted has found if you just leave Sprint and go to T-Mobile by SIM swapping you’ll be back in LTE land.

However, after at least one of the Sprint Note 8 threads has been deleted and after a slew of testimonials of people who are leaving Sprint and Samsung disappeared, one bit of hope emerged (which could be BS, but who knows).

Over in this thread a fellow spoke with someone who actually seemed to know what was going on and said Samsung has a patch, it’s done, and it’ll be being released in waves. Of course no ETA because.

Now, whether any of that is true (I’m not doubting the person was told this, just doubting Samsung / Sprint,) who knows.

There’s a note at the end of page 8 that says the update that Sprint is in possession of currently does nothing to fix the LTE issues. But who knows what’s going on. Nobody from Sprint or Samsung will say much of anything.

Sprint and Samsung’s CSRs are still working as hard as they can to lose customers by running them through the dog and pony show that is troubleshooting level 1 for an issue that’s weeks old at this point.

See some choice tidbits of the past two weeks are Sprint saying users may be on the hook for replacement costs for their phones, Sprint and Samsung pointing fingers at each other as to who’s fault it was, Sprint and Samsung both not acknowledging the issue.

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