Sprint charging some S10 owners $75 to replace devices most likely bricked by Sprint certified software, replacing devices for others

The S10 series has been having some issues on all carriers, but more so on Sprint. Software updates have been issued, but several S10s seem a bit bricked.

Well, if you’re a Sprint customer who’s been having this issue and you’re past 14 days, and don’t have Sprint Complete, Sprint will graciously offer you the opportunity to pay them $75 to replace the phone most likely busted by their certified software updates.

From the site:

Again – Devices already in the full data failure state cannot be recovered by any means, even with new software, and should be replaced.

If a device has intermittent data and a ticket does not lead to resolution, then exchange the phone based on the following:
Pre 14 days – the Store Sales team will exchange to new as store representatives do not have refurbs\recs to use and it’s part of the Sprint Satisfaction Guarantee (SSG)
Post 14-day – Asurion technicians will provide replacements. If no refurbs\recons are available, then the selection will default to new. Customers with Sprint Complete (SC) will not be charged a FEE for this exchange as long as there is no evidence of liquid or physical damage to the handset.

Customers without SC will be assessed a $75 fee or can work with Samsung for a manufacture warranty solution.

Community Sprint forums, emphases added on the last line

Yup, Sprint’s offloading all the customers who have been waiting, as suggested by Sprint, for a fix for the past few weeks to Asurion, Samsung, or you can pay Sprint for a replacement.

Samsung will tell you it’s Sprint’s fault at last check.

Keep it classy Sprint.

[Sprint community forums]
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