The Galaxy Fold delayed

It’s not a good time for Samsung. They tried too much and failed at too much. From the S10, S9, S8 network issues caused by the Android Pie update, to the much talked about TacoPhone failures, Samsung is not currently without some hate being cast at it by customers.

As a note, yes, this is older news – think this either broke last week or over the weekend, but man, I have a cold you wouldn’t believe.

The TacoPhone is a great example of what’s wrong with Samsung right now. It’s a great idea, but did they test any of these with humans? I mean a folding phone that you can scrape the only thing keeping it working off with a fingernail?

A new broadband firmware that knocked out large numbers of phones across carriers (although mainly Sprint,) and phone models. This just screams not enough testing. So does not putting the Galaxy Fold in a room with a 5 year old… they would have caught the screen cover issue in under 5 minutes.

There’s long been a running joke that Google’s Pixel owners are the beta testers and Samsung owners get the finished product, but that finished product wasn’t. Both in their hardware and software departments. Testing is key, and failing that communication, but there’s been relatively little of either.

Hopefully their device department will get better and not pull a running HTC. If not, well, we can just hope that their future firmware updates don’t know out your clothes washer because they never tested it on “baby wear” during certification.

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