What happened when I tried to disconnect Comcast Business

We had Comcast Business at our work for somewhere on the neighborhood of 15 years if I remember correctly. We’d gone from the days of a bonded T1 to a cable modem that was 10x faster, and near the end we were getting gigabit down and ~70mbit up or so.

TL;DR – four months of calls to disconnect service and $1200 billed on a service that’s been disconnected, still not disconnected. No profanity, just Comcast being Comcast.

We’d tried for five years to get Comcast to sell us more upload bandwidth, their suggestion was if we wanted gigabit upload speeds to get 13 more lines and bond them using a separate device. No, this was really the suggestion I was given, I am not joking here.

That wasn’t particularly palatable as the cost would have been about $4000 a month and at the time that was what a fiber connection cost, and Comcast wasn’t exactly the most reliable and I didn’t really trust them to deliver that upload bandwidth even if we did spend it.

Late last year AT&T stepped in and wanted our building – they did a 10 gig fiber build-out and gave us a sweetheart deal for a gig (as the building owners,) for our internet as long as they could market that they had fiber to some of our tenants – sweet. It was about 2x the price of Comcast, but at last we had the upload bandwidth we needed.

Our contract with Comcast was up on Feb 15th. I called on January 23rd to cancel it and talked with the rep who said that yes, Feb 15th was our end date, there was no charge for early cancellation, the end of our contract would be our last bill.

Feb 18th a bill showed, I emailed the rep who asked what account I was talking about even though it was in the email thread, I gave him the account number and he promptly disappeared. Several emails and calls (voicemail) and gone. He’s not responded to anything since he asked for the account number.

I called and spent 22 minutes on the 18th with a rep who walked me through how no matter what the rep said that the disconnect date was March 23rd as they require 60 days to process a disconnect. I’d been steered wrong or perhaps understood wrong.

We got another bill going past that timeframe on about March 10th – I called again and was told that the billing and the disconnect were two different things that that we’d be credited for after the 18th. That yes, the disconnect was in the system, and no, crediting had not begun.

April 12th we get another bill going out to May 15th. Once again I call in and in a 22 minute conversation with the CSR am told that although the disconnect is in the system that it may not be acted or processed for an additional 30 (or so,) days, meaning there’s probably going to be another bill issued.

I was under the impressions she was saying 30 more days from now, but I could be wrong.

Today, on day 84, (56 days since our contract ended, + 20 days since the end date I was forced to accept,) and I have to have the issue expedited just to get the disconnect processed.

Conversation recorded this time since the first one where I was told our disconnect date was Feb 15th wasn’t recorded and that was $400+ gone there.

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