Whoosh! Goodbye poo germs, hello shine

I’ve been running across Woosh! booths at CES for years and coming home with samples, but as part of providing new and interesting services in our rental building we installed a couple of Woosh! stations to clean people’s disgusting phones.

Woosh! review

We’re also adding chargers at waiting areas, some tablets for kids who’re waiting in the lobby, and yesterday some stations for Woosh! (which I’ve been using for about four years now and like).

If you’re not familiar with how disgusting your cell phone is, eh, it’s pretty nasty. Fecal bacteria, ear oils, rando air particulate. You should really be ashamed and feel badly about this. Actually you should do something about it. On a less germ-centric level, you’ll notice the screen glides better after cleaning with this stuff.

Woosh comes with a microfiber cloth or two, and ours came with a cloth with a poo emoji which someone promptly stole at deployment hour 14 (I have video lady, return my poo cloth!)

Anyway, if you’re looking for the perfect gift that says “I know the most important person in your life is your phone, which has butt germs on it, here, clean your butt germs so you don’t end up with pinkeye.” Nothing’s better that I’ve run across.

Also really lady, I know who you are, return the poo emoji cloth.

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