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I (Paul,) took a couple of days off of writing as it’s been kind of exhausting starting a Council run, trying to get a team together, and get a candidacy started on the actual date rather than several months prior, or several years in one of my opponent’s cases.

I’ve decided to somewhat document this from a tech perspective, over here. The past few days have taught me I’m going to be stuck on the phone pretty much more than I could ever imagine.

Nothing seems to be right in the documentation I’ve been given as a candidate, I’ve been on more phone calls in the last week than I’ve been in the last year probably, and I’ve come to the realization that Sprint is next to completely useless when I need it and that’s evidently what most of my blogging should have taught me the past 10 or so years.

Sitting in Hillsboro Village I attempted to download the Metro Budget so I could sound less uninformed on issues outside of the district I’m running for, and that 32 meg PDF downloaded at a whopping 0.5mbit at max, which speedtests tend to indicate is pretty average for that area. I got there most days to pick up my kiddo so I’m sitting on a bench quite a bit attempting to work.

My Note 8’s back in phone limbo recently as I’m suddenly finding I can’t turn my head if I’m talking. Signal just goes away unless I’m on WiFi or VoLTE, and VoLTE is hit or miss. Started at the Android 9 update.

I’ve been candidating with a couple of products in tow. Not really sure on how election finance laws work with talking about products on the tour but going to not mention them until review time/I find out that there’s not a bizarre campaign finance issue with me mentioning a product.

I’m finding my phone, which normally lasted from 6:40am until about 7pm is now dying at about noon from the load I’m putting on it, so that’s been interesting. I can’t seem to get it on a charger long enough to not have to take it off to make another call about trying to get this whole shebang in order.

Calls are less of a pain if I can get a Bluetooth headset in, but the Android 9 update keeps having issues and I either lose Bluetooth or WiFi and that’s been somewhat of a hell pit. About one out of four calls incoming that my car used to work with now just go to the phone.

Today was my birthday, I’d sort of decided to take a few days off from the Pocketables while I tried to really nail down what I’m trying for. I mean, I know I have the right intentions but sometimes trying to phrase those intentions while other people are adding suggestions, eh… also I didn’t want to write another product review until tomorrow.

I’m currently stuck on filing my statement of interests because I have to have another person come over and type their name in as a witness that I’m the person who pressed enter. This is weird because it’s the electronic version of a case of where a document was supposed to be signed and then a witness sign it, but the way it’s listed the witness has to sign that they saw me submitting it before I can submit it, they’re also not signing, they’re typing a name. By the online documentation it appears someone has to commit fraud in order to submit the thing.

I have another 17 days or so to print the thing out and mail it. I might just do that with a note that says “this is impossible to sign without perjuring yourself”.

It’s odd because some of my Pocketables intentions and my Council intentions align which is good I guess.

That’s it from the late night blogging. Will return to regularly scheduled Pocketables tomorrow. Should anyone have any ideas on my campaign, or android-related tools that can help me manage it more effectively, drop a line.

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