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Thought I’d drop a line about what happened today with me, what’s going on with the site, and generally blog a bit as I’m winding down from the day.

TL;DR – long incoherent midnight blogging below

Site news – after 12 days of an open ticket I finally got the hosts to see there’s cURL timeouts, they disable the plugins and say it’s a plugin issue… yeah, plugins using cURL disabled = cURL DNS timeouts don’t appear… because nothing’s using cURL any more… head desk… probably going to start looking for a new host at this point.


Personal news – in Nashville, in my district, the council is stepping down. Mike’s a cool guy, I want him to run again, he’s currently saying no even to my attempts to coerce him to run again. There’s only one candidate on the ticket at the moment, and that’s not good. That’s not a choice, it’s a singularity.

I mean, she might rule. There’s always that possibility. But I generally fear people who want to do the job have non-altruistic reasons, and I’ve tried to get a couple of people to run for the council position and nobody would. Even tried to lead a “let’s force someone to do this” campaign but couldn’t get momentum.

Two days ago I decided I was going to do it. Maybe three days ago. Little bit odd week for other bloggity reasons that don’t really matter.

I really know not much good or bad about the woman running. I have heard things, but that’s neighborhood rumor mill and who knows. I didn’t see much of anything about her other than a couple of signs on the road. They’re pretty cool signs for the only person running for the position at the time.

My plan was to pull paperwork from the election commission this morning and just throw my name in there. While it would be some work, can’t complain about the health insurance and ability to get some things done in my neighborhood with a couple of calls rather than having to hike 4 miles repeatedly (let’s talk about streetlights at some point and how I screwed my foot up doing the Nashville Electric Service’s job.)

Got to work this morning and right away realized this wasn’t happening. Tires shot. Cue two hours in a Costco getting new tires and two new TPMS sensors, timing problems running right up to me picking my kiddo up with no chance to get paperwork beforehand.

I asked Maggie (King kiddo #1,) if she was ready to see where she was going to have to get paperwork for being mayor in approximately 29 years, she said yes. We went.

Went to the wrong place actually … one building over… rassafrassa.. got directed to the right place however. Maggie made a friend, picked up some garbage, had a whole side quest to find a garbage can.

We walked in the right location and it was a party. One of the more bizarre government offices I’ve been to. Well, I should say it was deserted and a guy came out and directed us to a room that was a party. 30 or so people with punch, cookies, and a cake sitting untouched announcing someone’s retirement. Nobody was there for paperwork or for anything but the party, other than me and Maggie.

I was told to go to the one person who looked like she was working in the room, and me and the kiddo wandered over and got the paperwork. They let my 6yo use the official stamp on a few things, and as we were leaving I had to pry her away from the untouched retirement cake. As of ~330 I was entered into the computer as someone considering running for council / having pulled paperwork.

Posted a picture of the document on my Facebook and then started driving home when a crazy storm hit forcing us to go to a Sonic Drive-In where we got a couple of shakes and screwed out of correct change. By the time I got home I had a slew of requests to sign my papers.

About 5:20 the only other candidate in the race sent out a Facebook invite to a meet and greet on Saturday. Would love to attend, but booked during that time with a kid event. Also really not sure it’d be nice to crash someone’s political event.

So yeah, unless someone better enters the race, or I decide the other candidate is better, or the previous councilman decides to come back, I’m running for public office which is something I cannot stress enough I have never had an ounce of interest in until I saw the what the worst, and the best representations in my district over the past few years did for the place.

So yeah, in my spare time between the full time IT job, landlording multiple properties, blogging, and kids, I’m running for office and hoping that someone who really loves the area and will help it out and not just sell it out gets in.

So now I have to procure signatures, get the team together, find funding, write down all the positions I’m holding and get input on those I’m not, and hopefully at least add something interesting to the race.

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