Fun scam of the day

Got a message from a Thomas Liu the other day claiming to be a registry official with a Chinese domain registrar. He claimed a company was attempting to register pocketables.net.cn, pocketables.com.cn, and some other domains and asked if I had any affiliation with Kaicheng Ltd.

TL;DR – new to me scam, evidently old

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Email looked legit enough for me to fire off my social security number, bank card, and… oh wait, I just said “no” as occasionally we do have people attempting to get the Pocketables name on the cheap.

About thirty seconds after I fired off that “no” response I noticed that his email address ended with cnnetregistry.net and the email listed in the signature was cnnregistry.org.cn.

Quick whois shows that domain has been in operation for… one month now… strange. I didn’t think anything about it until the follow up email from the people attempting to buy the domains.

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At this point I’m laughing and go back and google the original guy’s email address and find it here, a description of the scam here, and wonder how I’ve managed to completely avoid this scam the past 10 years with Pocketables.

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