Hey Wiretap, listen to everything

Amazon os rolling out a new service to its Echo devices called Alexa Guard which can listen in for signs of trouble in your house. The command to enable it is “Alexa, I’m leaving” to turn your home into the non-stop Orwellian surveillance state you’ve often been told it is.

Echo GoogleHome - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

The smart alert system will listen for things like breaking glass, smoke alarms, and presumably someone breaking down your door while singing Sweet Child o’ Mine.

Some home monitoring companies can be shot alerts that something is going on, and you can do fun things like loudly start playing Angels with Filthy Souls at top volume somewhere in the house.

Ah, remember the days when everything in your house could only be listened in on when you were within 6.5 miles with a clean line of sight and a piece of tape on a window, a fairly accurate laser, and it took actually getting out of your chair? Those were the days.

Kids these days with their IP sniffing, SHA-1 collision attacks, and goats, get off my lawn!

Here’s the FAQ on Guard.

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