PowerCube Remote Extended review

The PowerCube is a compact four-port power splitter than can be turned on and off with a remote control, or on the unit itself. The PowerCube Extended is a version that has a five foot extension cord attached.

PowerCube Extended with Remote

You’ve got a lot of devices, lights, and doodads that plug in and not everything needs to be on all the time or powered by an awesome smart plug.

For my use case I’ve got some reading lamps next to my bed that I want to turn on and off without having to get up, and if Kim’s asleep I don’t want to be shouting “Hey Google, turn on the reading lamps” as I pore through my dusty tomes.

PowerCube Extended with Remote

Your use case might be turning off the XBOX One, controller charging station, and all the other little vampire accessories that don’t really need to be on all the time and you just don’t want to dig for a power strip every time.

Unfortunately for me, the batteryless remote clicks pretty loudly, so there’s not a lot saved volumewise over me asking Google Home to turn something on and off.

The remote control works pretty far away. At 22 feet distance from the unit it was working fine. I didn’t do extreme range tests because I didn’t think about it at the time.

The PowerCube Remote comes with a remote-mount so if you want to wall or floor mount the remote for ease of operation you can do that pretty easily.

The one thing I’d really love to see in the PowerCube Remote is perhaps an always-on setting for a plug – like I want two or three controlled by the button and the remaining just always on. A remote for four plugs seems a bit over the top. Like maybe rotate the plug 90 degrees and it’s always on.

You can pair multiple remotes to it, and it to multiple remotes it appears, however I’m only working with one device at the moment so can’t really tell how that’s going to work. Looks interesting in the documentation.

Overall, pretty neat little device that doesn’t “smart,” turns on and off at any distance I tried, and you’ll need to evaluate it for your use case.

You can get the PowerCube (original) or the PoweCube Extended (extension cord,) from Amazon for $23.95 and $34.95 respectively.

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