Tariffs hiked to 25% on Chinese imports, here are some highlights

While the tariff hike doesn’t affect anything in transit, things are about to get significantly more expensive as the tariffs have gone from 10% to 25%.

In the higher tech areas the following are about to get a hike:

  • Touch screens without display capabilities for incorporation in apparatus having a display
  • LEDs for backlighting of LCDs
  • Parts and accessories of automatic voltage and voltage-current regulators designedfor use in a 6, 12, or 24 V system
  • Automatic voltage and voltage-current regulators, designed for use in a 6, 12, or 24 V system
  • Automatic thermostats
  • Printed circuit assemblies
  • Instruments and apparatus specially designed for telecommunications

And a whole lot more…

Full list should be showing above or you can click here.

The tariffs on Chinese goods will be passed along in increased expense to consumers in the United States. Investment in moving some of the higher-tech manufacturing to the US would alleviate that but that’s a multi-year build to get the US up to speed.

Ah fun…

It will be interesting to see how much the tariff hike is going to impact other countries tech exports to the US since Chinese components are pretty much in everything.

[Business Insider]
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3 thoughts on “Tariffs hiked to 25% on Chinese imports, here are some highlights

  • Avatar of Daniel D.

    How was that? Make America great again? Depends on which great America the blond guy is talking about. Because if it is about anything after WW2, America only became great because of a historical goodluck. If the small moustache guy would have turned Mexico or Canada into a WW2 starter… America would have been more devastated, north or south side, depending on the name of the mentioned guy: Adolph or Adolfo.
    Regarding the taxes… Well… cannot really say much… the idea is OK (China kinda has to be slowed down) but, as usual, is the execution that sucks.
    On another note, Paul, how do you feel about your president and the way it was elected? Do you feel like the US is a real democracy? (especially when taking the elections scheme into consideration)

    • Hrmm, not really wanting to take Pocketables into politics however here’s the brief candidate Paul response

      I don’t think the tariffs will slow China much – they pass along the cost to people in the US purchasing the items unless there currently exists another inexpensive source of the item that the US is buying, in which case we’d get it from them. We probably would be getting it from another source if another source was reasonably available. Trump can claim that China is mostly paying for it, which they’re probably going to dump some funds to prop up a couple of industries, but it’ll trickle down to all the purchasers in one way or another.

      US residents will get poorer, the treasury will get some money in it, and pork barrel spending will commence.

      Now if the tariffs were turned into funds to prop up the industries they’re tariffing over here, that might be a stopper, but I think it’s going to somehow end up being money to pay for the wall.

      So, not particularly seeing any benefit for anyone other than Wall Street. I think the slowing of China could be done by the US supporting a massive tech infrastructure build here, but when have we in recent memory poured money into education an infrastructure because it’s valuable?

      The US is not a democracy by definition, it’s a democratic republic. Popular vote doesn’t mean something’s going to happen. If it were a democracy H Clinton and Gore would have won due to popular vote. I’ve personally never been for the electoral college, and I think the idea of states having certain set votes, which was put in there to give the former confederacy a voice in the post-civil war era, because the disenfranchised tend to do what disenfranchised people do, that time has probably passed.

      • Well, the “we tax because of X and we’ll use your money to improve X” model will never be truly implemented! Generally a state is the most opaque thing on earth.
        Anyways… Enough about poli-tics…


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