Thought I’d post what’s evidently been wrong with the site

I’ve been going back and forth with the site hosts on this current support ticket since last month and have been back and forth with the site host saying it’s my 7 sites, all of which have different plugins, that my site needed optimized, or that they run a whole lot of other sites that aren’t having the problem.

Problem: admin side where me and the authors work is abysmally slow. user side seems pretty quick.

Query monitor plugin shows DNS timeout in HTTP API calls on curl after 5006ms for most times curl is invoked.

Remove anything that uses curl and the site works fast from admin side. This includes the theme we’re using, several plugins which occasionally phone in via cURL to their websites for config updates, etc.

So, remove anything that uses curl, you’re suddenly on a lightning fast server… problem is we use it for a lot of things. Yoast, theme, jetpack, disqus, yadda yadda. All of which are slow as eff.

At month two or three of slowness and having a ticket open for weeks now with the hosts saying it’s my side, my plugins, etc I stumbled across this:

Sure enough, my test “curl” (our theme config,) takes 5+ seconds to complete, and “curl -4” takes 0.2 at most.

The issue is when another site has an IPv6 DNS record the site is attempting to resolve and not working. Times out after 5 seconds or so. Throw in three to six plugins that are trying to phone home and you’ve got the authors looking at 30 to 74 seconds of delay to get to write.

And this is what I waste time on instead of writing. Not that there’s much other than some Google IO announcements today ;)

Ticket’s updated, told them how to reproduce from a command line, what the suggested fix is, and am hoping they’ll actually understand.

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