Urban Armor Gear delves into the Apple Watch straps arena

If there’s anything that we love to cover on Pocketables, it’s the Apple Watch… wait… no, but we’re not against ’em.

Urban Armor Gear Apple Watch straps

Due to a misdirected press kit, or just on the chance that I would cover them, I received Urban Armor Gear’s new Apple Watch straps (the Leather and Active,) and I just so happened to have a friend with an Apple Watch to test them out.

One’s a stylish leather option, the other, I don’t know. It’s not my style but it appears to be designed for looking strong.

The Active claims on the band that it’s certified for 50 meters, which .. I mean it’s a watch strap. If you can’t go into the Mariana Trench with a watch strap, I’m guessing they’re just letting you know what the watch it’s attached to can do.

Yup, looks like the Apple Watch, depending on the version, can do that depth.

I think in both of these it’s just coming down to style. You like the style, you’ll like the band. You sweat a lot, you’ll probably want the Active.

The straps are fairly pricey in my opinion. Were I an Apple Watch owner I might be tempted, but the pricing seems inconsistent with what I expect the manufacturing costs to be. Perhaps “Apple Tax” was added.

You can grab Urban Armor Gear Apple Watch straps at Urban Armor Gear’s website, or get them on Amazon: The Leather strap is $69.95, the Active is $59.95 and available in orange, camo, or black.

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