Yottamaster USB C external drive enclosure review

The Yottamaster USB C external drive enclosure is a tool-less SSD/2.5″ HD external enclosure that allows you to bring your ultra high speed SSD along, or use it as storage for your gaming system.

Yottamaster USB C external drive enclosure

There are no tools required to open and close the housing, and nothing to screw the drive into, however they include a couple of drive coozies to make sure the drive doesn’t jiggle around in there.

The upper limits are listed at 5gb and 2TB respectively which is in line for products I can find on Amazon within 1.5x the price range. It doesn’t boast the higher bandwidth of 10gb that you find in the $21 range, but it’s coming in at $9.99 so you get what you’re paying for.

I’d pay attention more to the 2TB drive limit and less to the 5gb/ps rating as SSDs drives are about to explode in size and lower in price, however I don’t think the majority of people are going to notice all that much of a difference between the 5gb and the 10gb speeds when most USB 3 ports are doing 5gbs and most consumer SSDs are doing 6gbps.

So, for $9.99, for use as quick storage for a gaming system, it’s perfect. (PS4 has a USB 3.1/5gb connection, XBOX One appears to be USB 3.0/5gb). If you’re looking for higher end video editing or such, you’ll probably feel a little let down at the ~600megabyte per second speeds and the 2TB limits.

Pricewise, great, get it. Performance – perfect for gaming systems of the current era, drive size limitation may get you in a few years.

The Yottamaster toolless external 2.5″ hard drive enclosure is available from Amazon for $9.99.

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