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Figured I’d give an update for those interested in these things covering sleep, my metro council run, and wherever I manage to roam before I have any of the people I have appointments with show today.

We’ll start in the sleeping arena. The combo of the Ooler Sleep System and the BedJet have made my memory foam mattress a cool and comfortable place for me to sleep. The addition of a medication called Pramipexole roughly ten months ago meant that as opposed to having RLS / tossing and turning four nights a week I was down to maybe once a month and assumed I was sleeping well for the first time since I was a kid. I was wrong.

The pramipexole appears to have been having some unintended side effects. I’ve been off of it for about 15 days at this point. One of these was me falling asleep or feeling like a lead curtain was pushing me down every day around noon, another was some vision issues, another was some behavioral side effects (such as little desire to write or do much other than sleep and some we’ll discuss post election / more time as I’m not sure whether they’re related,) and another was why I stopped. Might have also have lead to some mental fogginess, but I’ll figure that out when this stuff is gone from my system.

I get to watch out for DAWS now which is far worse than the above issues. Nothing so far…

On the council run, it’s been interesting. I have to keep reminding myself that no matter who represents this district it’s going to end up people being wildly polarized. I’ve managed to not say one mean or disrespectful thing about either of my opponents that I can recall, and presented my ideas without attacking theirs, and it’s still somehow managed to be what politics ends up in the district forums.

There are four more days of this, and at the end I think I’ll be able to look anyone in the eye I’ve met, or haven’t, beat, or lost to, and know that I didn’t do anything to hurt them in the pursuit of a council position.

I have a vision of where we can go and, well, it’s different than at least one of the other two people running but you know what, doesn’t make me or them evil which seems to be how this drama is played out.

Does make me once again think that people shouldn’t seek these positions, they should be forced to do them. I’d love to make my area better, if either of the other people win I’d love to work with them to do that. What I read reads like everyone’s out for power. Meh.

Politics man… I wanted to help build a safer place for my kids and neighbors…

Ah well…

On the Pocketables front, now that my motivation is back online and I am once again typing at a reasonable speed and awake, we’ve got some reviews coming up involving myCharge, Plex (again,) Firewalla, and a car alarm system built into a charger.

Oh yeah, I was also typing absurdly slowly… forgot about that… I’d write, re-read, and be “oh yeah, that’s a good line there… glad I wrote it…” was taking days sometimes to write little things.

Thanks once again to everyone who keeps reading, and to everyone who’s contributed to maintaining the site the past few months.

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