myCharge AdventureUltra 20,000mAh portable charger review

I’ve been a fan of myCharge for a while, and as portable batteries go this thing once again kicks some serious booty in terms of capacity and feature terms but leaves some things noticeably missing.

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These are aimed at the tailgating crowd, and have a couple of 120v power outlets, two USB A and one USB C ports. Don’t be thinking you can run a toaster, coffee pot, or high-load device on this however as that’s not what it’s designed for.

Phones, laptops, small TVs, drones, things you might use tailgating. No refrigerators, toasters, etc.

As a USB power source, pretty good. 65 Watt total output means you can quickly charge a couple of phones, power a laptop decently, and as a power delivery source it’s ok… but it could be great.

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Look at that brick charger

Let’s talk about what I expect in a charger aimed at this crowd. One of the first things I expect is if I am going to output power via USB I should be able to charge via USB. If I’m able to output via 120 volt AC I’d like to be able to charge via 120 volt AC. If I’ve got a USB C output, I’d like it to be a dual input/output. If I’m aiming at camping or tailgating, I’d like a 12 volt charging and recharging option as it’s getting charged in the car on the way.

Unless I missed something, this has none of that. The charging is accomplished by a separate wall adapter. If I’m out camping and have solar options available, no trickle charging for me. If I wanted to charge this up on the way to the game, I’d have to purchase a separate inverter for my vehicle.

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Outlets are all covered for water/dust intrusion prevention, there’s no rating listed.

Of all the ways you could charge, the AdventureUltra leaves you with a large wall plug adapter and no way to recharge without. Really, solar trickle charging is incredibly useful if you’re wanting to take more photos or just keep running. Tailgating/camping with a wall outlet, eh, meh.

Weight’s good, capacity is decent, functionality as a portable charger good, charging options meh.

The myCharge AdventureUltra 65W Portable Power Outlet is available from myCharge for $179.99 (I can’t locate it anywhere else)

You can get this also in a 45 watt/less expensive version on Amazon, but we haven’t played with that one.

I’d actually pass until they come out with another generation of these unless this fits your use case better than it fits mine.

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