Rx8S by Revonext headphones review

Following up our coverage of the excellent Simgot EM2 we have another set of headphones in for review. Revonext sent us their Rx8S in ear monitors to review as well. As before we have a target audiance of audiophiles still using a phone with a high end DAC and creative professionals on a budget.

Packaging and first impressions

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Lets revel in the first photos to come out of my new studio(even if I’m still working out some of the lighting). The RX8S includes a silicone pouch that opens when squeezed. Once again we have a silver played cable although with a 90° plug which is up to your device if that’s a better fit. The packaging does list some performance specifications although there are a few holes and no certifications.

Headphone sensitivity110dB
Power Rating15mW
Channel Balanceunlisted
Cable Length1.25M
Frequence Response Range7Hz-40kHz
Distortion Degreeunlisted
Driver9mm dynamic
Earpiece Connectors.78mm Bi Pin

RX8S Design

The included cable on the RX8S is a right angled 3.5mm cable using a braided design. Using silver plated copper that’s individually shielded and braided gives them a very good feel as well as a resilience to kinking or knotting. The dual pin connector is a standard .78mm connector making replacements easy if required. From a finish standpoint there were no molding issues and everything is secure when the earphones are attached. The use of Triple drivers should lead to a greater dynamic range than other options as well. The included silicone case isn’t the most premium option but performs just well and is very easy to open with one hand.

Sound quality

As usual for wired devices I did my most extensive audio testing hooked up to my PC. Using both the venerable Delta1010 and an the once popular ADI 1984a in the PC as well as a Motorola E5 plus and LG V40 to represent mobile use. All the audio used in primary testing is in the table below.

Don’t stop me nowQueen
Ride of the valkrieWagner
Brass MonkeyBeastie Boys

Audio was generally good although there were a few points where the triple driver design seemed to fight with itself. There was some notable mud listening to Ride of the Valkrie although it wouldn’t likely have been obvious if I wasn’t listening for it. YYZ however sounded fantastic and nothing stood out as problematic outside of that. Revonext did send us a response chart for the headphones which is shown below.

RX8S Frequency Response Chart - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Physical fit

I personally didn’t find the RX8S particularly comfortable for extended periods.After trying all 3 ear tips and by the end of the listening test(15 minutes for the 4 files) they had become noticeably uncomfortable. My wife on the other hand found them fine for trips to the gym however so the lack of comfort seems confined to my ears in this instance. Revonext does offer a variety of improved earpieces which I likely would have found more comfortable.

Closing Thoughts on the Rx8s

The RX8S are a great entry point for someone looking for high quality headphones on a budget. However with some holes in the specs and considering the listening experience I can only recommend the RX8S for content consumption not creation. The shortcoming it did have were only evident when listening specifically for them and aren’t something you’ll notice in regular use. Considering their price point of 41.99 and with Revonext offering accessories like improved cables with optional microphones and eartips these are good sounding and very adjustable headphones with an attractive price of entry.

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