The OOLER Sleep System, night 45

My wife loves the OOLER now, she’s said she’s going to be sad whenever we go somewhere where she can’t pile 600 blankets on and be the perfect temperature.

Her one concern was that she was worried that the thing would be filled with mildew and sludge. I assured her that one of the advantages of the OOLER over the Chillpad was that it boasts “Includes a self cleaning UV lamp to automatically clean the water.”

Last night neither of the OOLERS seemed to be working particularly well – it wasn’t their fault, it was that they’d just kicked on (we went to bed early, this almost never happens) – and while in the app I got a low water warning.

I get warnings all the time from that app about updating the firmware when I’m nowhere near the bed (such as at work,) and there’s never any firmware to update, but this was a new one. Since the beds were warm (once again, not their fault,) I set about getting this done.

Popped open the OOLER base to put in some new sparkling distilled water and bam. It’s like someone blended Kermit up.

2019 07 07 09.09.07 Medium - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
A deep green tint, dirt on the top is from the water that came out when overfilled slightly.

Honestly looks like antifreeze. You can see on the top of the ooler some of the “dirt” is actually just water that came out.

This is on both OOLER units with self cleaning UV lights we have as a note. I’ve gone ahead and ordered some of the Chillpad cleaner to put in them and am running the deep clean as we speak. The integrated UV light evidently didn’t do anything much on either of these units.

While the OOLER is a sealed system and we’re not ever touching the cooling agent, I do worry that the efficiency of cooling is going to be adversely affected by having a solid wall of algae slime on it. Or a giant ball of algae getting wedged in the tubes.

So, 45 days with the built in UV light evidently not able to handle distilled water and whatever airborne contamination entered. The water looks like green antifreeze at this point.

I’ve started the deep clean mode, which I’ll probably do on a weekly basis at this point. Going to add the Chillpad cleaner and see what happens as I’m thinking if I drain this, there’s no way to clean the insides any way. Better to treat the water than open the system up for more airborne contamination.

Other annoyances

As I switch WiFi from say home to work I get a popup to update the OOLER firmware. Whenever I come home to update said firmware, neither my nor Kim’s OOLER claim to need it.

We’ve had multiple times between OOLERs where they did not kick on on schedule. While I can’t rule out that there was a power loss at some point, it does get annoying to go to bed and it’s hot / have to wait 20 minutes or so to chill down.

You can’t be connected to all of your OOLERs at the same time. This means a 5-10 second delay switching and while that doesn’t sound bad, sometimes the data you see isn’t right and you have to reconnect or switch.

Sometimes the app can become confused and will say it’s connected but not allow you to do anything. I’ve found that terminating the app sometimes works, sometimes I have to reboot the phone (guessing how it opened the Bluetooth connection failed). This isn’t an app you want to deal with when you’re trying to sleep.

Paul’s complained, but what about performance?

I would buy this. We’ve showed friends and they’re buying this. It needs work and a better price point though.

Room for improvement

We have two OOLER pads, each one is held by a band to the bed. There’s no way to tighten the bands, as such the pads slip up and down. My pad will move about 6-8 inches south over the course of a couple of days.

2019 07 07 10.04.31 Medium - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
It doesn’t stay where it’s put. At least not on a memory foam mattress

Both pads will move apart from each other. Really feels like they could run a zipper on the side or something to connect multiple pads, and use a ratchetable seat-belt like fastener.

You can grab these at

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8 thoughts on “The OOLER Sleep System, night 45

  • Avatar of abubasim66

    My older son made up words when he was around two years old. Ooling meant drooling. One day we saw a small puddle of water in our apartment building’s elevator and he said ‘maybe someone was ooling’. I tried to imagine how hungry someone would’ve to be to create a small puddle from his/her saliva.

    In this context I feel Ooler fits. How often have you woken up with a big saliva spot on the pillow?

    • None, I sleep with my mouth shut. Sort of a requirement of the CPAP that carried over into normal life.

  • These are the first real comments I have seen about this thing. The swamp water is a bit concerning as it has to impact performance at some point. I am happy to see that it sounds like it cools. I know you have issues with how it slides around the bed, but why do you have two twins instead of a queen? Do you guys have Android phones or Apple? I assume the app is in beta and these are growing pains. I am seriously considering purchasing although I am a little worried about the mold/mildew. Unfortunately they cant keep these in stock and I am not ready to lay out $1400 for something I wont receive for weeks. Also, the price is ridiculous. I really dont know how they can justify this price, although people are buying it, so I guess that is how.

    • I talked with the PR firm that supplied them and the original pitch they had I think was something along the lines of “person A can be warm, person B can be cool” – in that case you needed two units as the Queen sized they have would just cover one “zone”. As such this is the solution they shipped. Two ooler bases, two ooler pads. I guess they liked my previous BedJet review.

      The app is Android – I think I read they released the iphone app a week or so back, but that’s not something I’ve run across or tested. I’m currently running for Metro Council and I’ve got about 21 more days of insanity with that before I get a chance to dig into this more.

      It definitely gets cool. I’m not sure if I’ve adapted, the weather has, or the green filth has effected efficiency, but I seem to recall I used to wake up freezing at 4am and now I’m fine. Temp indicator in the app claims it’s usually about 57 degrees which is the same as when I’d wake up freezing. I have been keeping the bedroom a little warmer though.

      I shot Ooler a note about the green filth and what my plans were (spent some money on the ChillPad cleaning solution.) I asked them to check their firmware to ensure the UV lights were coming on because this green mess was in both units. I don’t think it’s working, or perhaps it’s operating as a plant light more or less.

      I’ve been running it through two “deep cleans” daily while waiting the solution. That heats it up to 141 degrees or so and may boil away the ick.

      Anyway, feel free to ask anything – I’ll answer as I’m able. I’ve got some previous articles here with a thermal camera that needs calibrated as it’s showing the wrong temps, but it’s interesting to see as well.

      I’ve got no connection to the PR firm or Ooler beyond them contacting me and sending me the units. I’ll keep on reviewing it until it either gets great, or it breaks.

      • I think that you were misinformed about the sizes. It sounds like you received two “half-queen” sizes which should measure about 30″ wide. They also have a full queen size pad that measures 60″ wide. Here is a link to Ooler’s size chart – You can also find this on

        I would love to hear Ooler’s response to the swamp water in your unit, but honestly I wouldnt expect a reply any time soon. I was on their Facebook page yesterday and they are getting slammed for not responding to support tickets, not shipping in a timely manner, and it seems they are just completely overwhelmed. They clearly underestimated the success of the unit. They arent shipping for about 3-4 weeks at this point.

        Have you noticed any improvement with the swamp water after running weekly deep cleans? My assumption is that it doesnt really do anything, but it would be a pleasant surprise. I really dont think I have any other questions, I am just really on the fence about whether to purchase myself. I have found a 15% off coupon code which is helpful, but at the same time I am not willing to shell out $1300 on a product that may not be delivered for months. I am just going to keep on reading reviews until they get their act together and have them in stock. Hopefully by then there is enough honest feedback about the unit out there. I appreciate these posts and hope you’ll continue to produce them.

        • I got a response yesterday that the tech sort of thought both units might have failed.. I said they might want to check with their firmware to make sure it’s actually turning the light on as both units failing within 45 days seemed unlikely. I’ll let you know when they respond.

          One of the units the green turned browner… think it fried it. The other not much change yet.

          • I actually think I have made a decision and I am going to buy the Pod bed by Eight Sleep. Its similar, but based on reviews it seems like it might cool and heat more efficiently, and I happen to want to upgrade to a King bed anyway, so the timing is right. I think the deciding factor was a YouTube series by this guy – – Based on the fact there are comments echoing his sentiments, makes me think the Ooler may not be all its cracked up to be. I will look forward to your continued updates as I have been following this product and company for a while. I am pretty surprised my decision has been to go in another direction but honestly the feedback of the Ooler has not been super positive.

  • Short update – Ooler shipped two replacement units for the base, did not replace pads thinking it would not be needed. I replaced both units – old units are 1) brown water, running deep clean killed off everything in it, 2) lightly gelatinous sludge that you can see through … maybe milky water would be accurate.

    I drained the pads as best I could and am shipping the base units back to Ooler to see if they’ve got a run that the cleaning light is not coming on.

    I plugged in the new units, filled with freshly purchased distilled water, videod it, fired them up, and shortly after starting some particulate matter still in the pads was visible. I’m going to add the chillpad cleaner and run them on deep clean a few times today.

    I’ve been asked to ship the old units with water still in them back to Ooler, their boxes, their RMA, for diagnostics to see whether the UV lights were damaged, there’s something blocking them, or whether it’s what I suspect that they released a bad firmware version and it’s simply not kicking on the UV lights.


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