90 days with the Ooler Sleep system

When last we checked in… well, let’s just catch you up…

Ooler, it’s like an air conditioned mattress pad. There’s a device that chills water down below 50 degrees if you want, or heats it up to 120+, and this water circulates unnoticed in a bedding pad and cools you or heats you.

OOLER sleep system

When last we left it I had returned two units and had them replaced because the water in 45 days had turned to green sludge and that was not supposed to happen. They advised I replace the base units and move on.

I asked – what about the sludge in the mattress pads currently and was told to hook it up and I could use the Chillpad cleaner I’d purchased. That something must really be wrong with the units I had because the UV light should have killed anything.

So 43 days ago or so I replaced the base units with new ones, filled with distilled water and Chillpad cleaner. Ran a couple of cleaning cycles, dumped the water (which was ick from the green water still in the mattress pad,) cycled a couple more times, clear water, moved on.

Checked in at a week in and no discoloration, figured yay.

I additionally did the deep clean at least once a week since I no longer trusted the Ooler units to self clean.

Last couple of nights my Ooler seems to have been struggling. I checked mine and there was particulate matter floating in it. Not a huge whoop as at least the water didn’t look like juiced Kermit the Frog. I figured it was probably leftover from the mattress pads that flaked off after the cleaning agent and some time.

No big whoop but figured I’d record in case anything came up.

Particulate matter floating. Nothing particularly bad. Paul`s unit.

And then I got to the second Ooler unit (Kim’s.) Also had the chillpad cleaner in it, also dumped out a couple of times, and this lovely sight greeted me:

Ugh – Kim`s unit

Now, what’s not evident here is when I dumped it out the water is quite brown or green. It smelled like a wet shoe which leads me to believe that it’s active bacteria in play.

So yeah, Replacement Ooler #2 is having the same issues as the first two. The UV light is not killing bacteria, I think it’s growing them.

As for why my Ooler (not the green/brown and nasty one,) is struggling, not sure. It’s been absurdly hot and maybe a few degrees difference in the room is causing the low point to hover around 61 as opposed to 50/low.

As for the above – both units were replaced by Ooler’s manufacturer. Both units had the chillpad cleaner put in. I attempted to drain both mattress pads with equal vigor. Unless I miscounted both are at the same number of replacements of distilled water and deep cleans.

The only difference is my Ooler (the relatively clean one,) kicks on an hour earlier than the dirty one, and would raise the temperature to 78 half an hour before the dirty one just shut off. Nothing that should cause sludge.

Distilled water provided from the same jug on the first set of units (Kroger.) From a different supplier (Best Choice,)and the same jug on the second set.

We’ll see what support says this time.

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