Nest Hello doorbell, anyone got a fix for this issue?

Here’s the issue… it’s a weird one and I’ve been on with support, today’s the second day.

I can watch my doorbell from my phone. If someone comes up and I see them I can talk with them, everything’s good. I can answer the doorbell on either of my smart displays with no issues, streaming’s great, all good.

But if I’m out and about someone presses the doorbell, I get a notification that it’s rung on my phone, I tap it, and I get to wait for 40 seconds or so before I even see a picture. Even then I can’t talk to the people.

However, if I have it streaming and am watching, works perfectly.

Now, theories from Nest have included that when the doorbell is pressed that the Nest unit switches to battery for a second and the voltage change causes a WiFI issue and makes the connection garbage, however:

1: neither of the smart display units I have in my house have problems with seeing/streaming the video
2: going back in the video that’s recorded to the cloud prior to and after the doorbell is pressed, it’s smooth as can be.

I unplugged both of my smart displays, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, makes no difference. If I’m watching the doorbell I can talk, if they ring it I can’t do anything and they can’t hear me.

No difference if connected to WiFi, LTE, work WiFi, etc.

Samsung Note 8, Sprint, no mods, works perfect until doorbell pressed.

Clues? Ideas for troubleshooting?

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