Plex UNO UI announced, followed by a Draw 4

The announcement for the Plex UNO release came yesterday, but for several people across different platforms it had been there in one fashion or another for a while.

If you happen to have an Android TV, Roku, XBOX, etc, you might have noticed that Plex operated differently, had different features, and otherwise was not the same from device to device.

UNO attempts to reverse this wild trend … ok, I’m going to skip all the Uno draw card references here… anyway, UNO attempts to bring all major supported devices into the same layout more or less.

One major difference from some older versions is the Hubs setup… if you only get your Plex content from one server this probably isn’t much of a thing for you, but if you happen to have multiple servers and share content with a lot of people like I do, chances are it’ll be a really really useful feature.

However, as we know, all change is bad and should be feared… rrrr!

It’s actually where I want it more or less. Now if they can just get it so that you can Chromecast live TV from your Plex app and add multiple types of tuners to one Plex server (iptv + OTA but using different channel guides,) I’ll have nothing to gripe about.

[Draw 4]
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