Side project – playing with Black 2.0

If you’re a fan of light-sucking paints and dreamed of playing with the blackest black paint on the planet, you’ve probably heard why you can’t (if you’re not Anish Kapoor or licensed to apply and use it,) but there’s the second blackest and here’s a little run down of how B20 came about.

I’m not much of an artist, but I do have need of insanely black surfaces for work and Pocketables, so I headed on over to culturehustleusa.com and picked up two bottles of Black 2.0 (this was a couple of weeks before BLK3.0 came out).

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Above is from the Culturehustle web site – that’s about how black I needed it.

Yesterday I spent some time painting a child’s chair with Black 2.0 in order to both get a surface I could photograph on, and also to name the piece “the death of childhood.” Mostly I needed a nonreflective black background for tiny product shots, but you know, things you think of when you’re painting.

The seat and arms ended up with about three coats of paint just to be sure I wasn’t putting it on too thin. The back maybe has two. There was no noticeable difference from coat one to three. It went on solid the first time. It adhered better than any paint I’ve used.

I also applied a splotch from a second bottle indoors to make sure that the heat outside was not interfering (it dried the same).

Will be playing with it on some different surfaces as I’ve been hoping to be able to eliminate visible shadowing and seeing if I can replicate the darkness levels of the unicorn product shot above.

Clean up was pretty easy except where it had adhered to me. Getting it off of things easy, getting it off of me I’m still… well, mostly it’s gone, I just look like I’ve been digging as it’s under my fingernails.

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