105 days with the Ooler sleep system, things get bad

You’ll recall from my previous reviews I had two Ooler units replaced because they were both filled with green sludge in spite of having a UV light that’s supposed to clean them

OOLER sleep system

About two weeks ago I opened the replacements up and one of the replacements was fine, and the other one was once again brown and green and bleh. Now, this could have been because there was a sludge build up in the pad (which they didn’t replace,) that finally worked its way out, but we’ll see.

Here’s where things get bad.

I’ve grown used to the Ooler app lying to me. It says my Ooler is on and it’s not. It says it’s 61 degrees and it’s about 80. It says it’s connected and controlling the Ooler and it’s not. It warns me I need a firmware update and then there’s nothing. This is a regular occurance and usually can be easily solved by just closing the app, reopening, and it’s working again. App needs work.

Yesterday I came home early. It was my tenth anniversary and I had to piece together four things to make a gift, and after that I had some bedroom activities to do.

Yeah that’s right, my Playstation is attached to the TV next to my bed and I had a few minutes and Spider Man was calling me to complete some missions I had not in act 3. What’re you thinking?

2019 09 05 14.01.04 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

So I plopped on the bed and it was hot. Hotter than outside, hotter than the room, and the Ooler was running. Tried to take a screenshot, app immediately crashed.

Picture here is a dramatic recreation (second time into it and I believe I bumped the temp from 100 to 99).

So my Ooler’s been running out of hours. I checked the sleep schedule and nope, nothing strange about it. I check this morning and it turned off at the scheduled time.

So yeah, it’s running on its own at random times. And the one I discovered doing it is the one getting the sludge.

I’ve got a report in with Ooler, not heard back yet.

Once again I feel it’s a firmware issue, just not running the UV light when it should, and evidently turning on randomly during the day to get to a bacteria encouraging 100 degrees.

But, once again, the thing’s pretty awesome when it works. I’ve slept better on the Ooler than I have in years.

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