The Earfun Go: Impressive Power in a Small Package

Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving the newest speaker from EarFun – The EarFun Go. This is some incredible hardware in an elegant package, with a reasonable price tag to match.

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As the title would indicate, for only measuring 6.7″ x 2.4″, this speaker puts out some impressive sound. I put it through the “full-volume” test with tracks from a number of genres, including “Bass Cannon” by Flux Pavilion, “Unsainted” by Slipknot, and the eternally great “Rosa Parks” by Outkast.

Even at full volume, the sound was crisp and clear, and incredibly loud. Some portable speakers will have plenty of volume, but have a limited frequency response in the lower end due to the size of the speakers. That wasn’t the case here. Highs sounded high, mids had middles, and the lows were low.

To be fair, it is still a small speaker, so it didn’t have that chest-thumping effect that you’d have from listening to the same music in a car or home-theater system, but it was still an impressive and balanced sound, thanks in no small part to it’s pair of 6-watt speakers.

Now, you can get good sound quality from any number of speakers, but what really sets the EarFun Go apart from other portable speakers is the insane 24-hour battery life. I was able to take this to the beach on two consecutive days without having to recharge – whereas our previous Wal-Mart special speaker would survive for several hours if we were lucky.

Did I mention that it’s waterproof? With an IPX7 rating, you can rest assured that this speaker won’t be at risk, regardless of where you use it. Being the eternal child that I am, I was delighted to test this out shortly after receiving the speaker.

Speaker Submersion Test

In addition to the above photos, I also threw it into a lake in Arkansas (while playing), and in both instances…the speaker easily lived up to it’s rating.

Great sound, battery life, and water resistance aside – I would describe the overall construction and quality of this product as rock-solid. Quite literally. While torture-testing it, I lobbed it some 30′ across my yard…twice…and while I wouldn’t recommend it yourself, the speaker isn’t any worse for the wear.

(Also, later, it fell off a shelf in a closet in my house and landed on my bare foot, and it’s most definitely rock-solid)

Last but not least, one of the most intriguing features of the EarFun Go is that it has the ability to pair up to a second EarFun Go, and then use the pair of them as regular stereo speakers. Unfortunately, I only had the one speaker to test with, so I couldn’t personally try this feature…but I really want to. So much, that I’ll probably be purchasing a second one (Unless the good people at EarFun want to send me another).

All in all…this is an incredible product, and I’m delighted that I got the opportunity to review it. I’ll definitely be considering EarFun the next time I’m in the market for any Bluetooth audio products. Honestly, the only complaint that I have about it is that it doesn’t float with the grill up. It would be amazing to toss this baby in the pool and forget about it.


Bluetooth Version :V5.0
Bluetooth Profile :A2DP , AVRCP , HFP , HSP
Transducer :2 x 40mm
Output Power :2 x 6w
Signal-to-nosie Ratio :>=80dB
Battery :3.7V, 4400mAh
Play Time :Up to 24 hours(varies by volume level and audio content)
Charging Time :About 4 hours
Dimensions :58x171x62(mm) / 2.3×6.7×2.4(inch)
Weight :430g / 15.16oz

The EarFun Go is available on Amazon.com. It has a regular price of $39.99, but you can get it at 20% off with the code EARFUNBTS1.

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