137 nights on the Ooler sleep system

I woke up a few nights ago cursing a cricket I couldn’t find. It’d stopped after I got up and turned on the lights and I thought that was the last of it.

Two nights ago at a little before three am I heard the sound again. I noticed this time it wasn’t really a cricket but more like the sound of a fan hitting a wire at speed, or a squeaky pump. I turned off the air conditioner (which involves it finishing up whatever cycle it’s on,) and by the time it shut off the squeak was gone.

But you know where this is going… it’s the Ooler. It’s become a randomly squeaking nightmare machine and I swear the app has decided to play fast and loose with reality.

It took several days to track this down because despite being pretty sure it was the Ooler I had to determine which Ooler it was and I was going to do that by shutting them off via the app whenever that happened. Oh, I shut them both off, but the app didn’t shut them off. Or at least not reliably.

Finally narrowed it down to mine by unplugging Kim’s Ooler and letting her suffer a night of an uncooled side of the bed. Mine started chirping, I broke out the phone to grab a video of it, and no, stops the instant I look at it sideways.

I’ve contacted customer support on both my Jiminy Cricket Ooler, and the sludge factory replacement (the sludge is brown, I think this one is killing bacteria but guessing the chillpad insides had a decent amount and the sludge is still coming out months later).

Love the cool bed, but man… if a reviewer two units and RMAs 3 there are issues.

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Paul E King

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