HPE: “Eh, let’s use a short integer as opposed to a long int in our SSD firmware, what’s the worst that could happen?”

Got a Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) SAS SSD? Probably not, but chances are you’ve got someone hidden in your friends list that works in IT and has hopefully had an HPE SAS SSD for less than 1,365 days (that’s about 3.75 years)


That, as a note, is 32,768 hours, and if that number seems a tad familiar it’s because it’s the maximum positive number a short integer can have (out of 65535 possible numbers.)

Inside the SSD controller a number is slowly incrementing that tells how long the SSD has been in operation. This in itself is pretty innocuous, any SSD out there has some statistics like this. Unfortunately HPE’s firmware will cause the SSD to tank and all data to be unusable after you hit that mark.

That said, the drive should be reusable for another 3.75 years before barfing all the data again.

Here’s a list of all the affected models, followed by a link to the advisory and firmware download.

VO0480JFDGT816562-B21HP 480GB 12Gb SAS 2.5 RI PLP SC SSD817047-00111/22/2019
VO0960JFDGU816568-B21HP 960GB 12Gb SAS 2.5 RI PLP SC SSD817049-00111/22/2019
VO1920JFDGV816572-B21HP 1.92TB 12Gb SAS 2.5 RI PLP SC SSD817051-00111/22/2019
VO3840JFDHA816576-B21HP 3.84TB 12Gb SAS 2.5 RI PLP SC SSD817053-00111/22/2019
MO0400JFFCF822555-B21HP 400GB 12Gb SAS 2.5 MU PLP SC SSD S2822784-00111/22/2019
MO0800JFFCH822559-B21HP 800GB 12Gb SAS 2.5 MU PLP SC SSD S2822786-00111/22/2019
MO1600JFFCK822563-B21HP 1.6TB 12Gb SAS 2.5 MU PLP SC SSD S2822788-00111/22/2019
MO3200JFFCL822567-B21HP 3.2TB 12Gb SAS 2.5 MU PLP SC SSD S2822790-00111/22/2019
VO000480JWDAR875311-B21HPE 480GB SAS SFF RI SC DS SSD875681-001Week of 12/9/2019
VO000960JWDAT875313-B21HPE 960GB SAS SFF RI SC DS SSD875682-001Week of 12/9/2019
VO001920JWDAU875326-B21HPE1.92TB SAS RI SFF SC DS SSD875684-001Week of 12/9/2019
VO003840JWDAV875330-B21HPE 3.84TB SAS RI SFF SC DS SSD875686-001Week of 12/9/2019
VO007680JWCNK870144-B21HPE 7.68TB SAS 12G RI SFF SC DS SSD870460-001Week of 12/9/2019
VO015300JWCNL870148-B21HPE 15.3TB SAS 12G RI SFF SC DS SSD870462-001Week of 12/9/2019
VK000960JWSSQP06584-B21HPE 960GB SAS RI SFF SC DS SSDP08608-001Week of 12/9/2019
VK001920JWSSRP06586-B21HPE 1.92TB SAS RI SFF SC DS SSDP08609-001Week of 12/9/2019
VK003840JWSSTP06588-B21HPE 3.84TB SAS RI SFF SC DS SSDP08610-001Week of 12/9/2019
VK003840JWSSTP11329-B21HPE 3.84TB SAS RI LFF SCC DS SPL SSDP11360-001Week of 12/9/2019
VK007680JWSSUP06590-B21HPE 7.68TB SAS RI SFF SC DS SSDP08611-001Week of 12/9/2019
VO015300JWSSVP06592-B21HPE 15.3TB SAS RI SFF SC DS SSDP08612-001Week of 12/9/2019


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