Nest Hello unable to talk/answer when pressed, fine otherwise. An update (sort of fixed)

I’ve got this Nest Hello doorbell. It works great. In the house on either of the smart displays I have it answers and I can talk to anyone no problem. If I’m remote and I’m looking at the doorbell and someone comes up if I talk to them before they press the doorbell, no problem all good.

What isn’t good is the instant they touch that doorbell, no phone will be able to talk to them properly whether in the network or via LTE. 40+ second response, jerky, I won’t be able to talk to them and be heard, etc…

I took several videos of this, chatted with Nest support for quite a while, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, no matter what I did if someone touched that doorbell the only thing that was going to work properly was the smart display.

I even tested it once with both smart displays watching the doorbell and using my phone as well and it worked fine.

I made a change to a few things recently and lowered the bandwidth. This didn’t seem to be a concern as if you can see it on two smart displays and a phone and talk to them what difference would it make if they touched a button? But that was the fix.

Even though there’s more than enough bandwidth to put the high resolution display on 3 devices, something changes with how it addresses the Nest app once that button is pressed. At least on mine.

2019 11 15 12.43.30 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Even with the internal network smart displays physically powered off, it still became garbage.

Anyway, setting from high to medium, even though there’s more than enough bandwidth, and it works fine until the button is pressed, and it works fine on internal displays regardless, was the fix.

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