Ooler’s on sale. NASA: what?. Ooler’s on sale (loads Visa and gets back on rocket)

The Ooler sleep system, which I’ve reviewed a lot at this point, is 20% off until some point in the future that is not revealed by their Winning Wednesday advertising.

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While I’ve given them a lot of grief about their app, the first two Ooler units I received that didn’t self clean, and a bad unit, I’d purchase these.

I can’t describe how much I felt like for the past several years I was sleeping in a pit of heat. Always too hot. Issue compounded when I got a memory foam mattress and bam, hot city.

I’m generally cool now. I set it to turn off at about 5am and I wake up on my own now. Pretty awesome for someone who had a sleeping disorder since I was 13.

Anyway, 20% off with the code chili20off it appears.

We make no commission, you can read the real reviews of me nitpicking it apart. I have no expectations they’ll send me an Ooler 2 if one comes out. I would purchase this for anyone I love who sleeps too hot.

My guess is the deal will run through Christmas, but I am not in the loop here.

Manufacturer’s website

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