Yesterday: Thousands of Disney+ accounts hacked. Tomorrow: Thousands used same password

If you’ve been paying attention to any news besides the impeachment you’ve probably heard the media saying that thousands of Disney+ accounts have been hacked and are being sold on the dark web.

If you’ve been paying attention to every “thousands hacked” story, you’ve probably got what my take on this is. That hacking generally has to do with using the same password on multiple sites and it really doesn’t take more than a script kiddie to take an email/password list and throw it at a server.

Don’t use the same password folks, and if you feel you have to make it something that at least requires a human to look at and figure out such as “pocketablespassword123” which coincidentally is not my password.

There are literally millions of passwords and compromised accounts out there. Using the same password in any two places is how I managed to get my account locked out of Reddit… le sigh… I was young and foolish then, I feel old and foolish now.

Disney+ of course was overwhelmed with new subscribers launch issues, and not prepared for thousands of investigations to be launched into hacked accounts in the first few days of operation, so yeah…

We’ll see soon enough if it was a master hacker or a script kiddie, but the headlines “13 year old parses username/password list and throws it at Disney+ to pay for insulin” probably isn’t going to sell as much as “Disney+ hacked!”

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Paul E King

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