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How to force Google Home/Assistant to play the Frozen 2 soundtrack (which of course is fixed six hours after posting)

You may have run into what my kids have (who asked me to solve it two hours after bedtime) – that the Frozen 2 Soundtrack is on Google Play Music, but it’s impossible to play it from a Google Home device using normal requests.

TL;DR – workaround for Google Home not being able to play a particular song or album it has in catalog. Probably will be fixed in the next few weeks.

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As of this writing, if you ask Google Home to play the Frozen 2 soundtrack it’ll play the original soundtrack. Asking for individual songs from the Frozen 2 soundtrack will often play songs related to the artist but not what you’re looking for.

Well, here are two ways to get your Google Home to play it:

Method 1 – make a playlist

Go to a computer or use Google Play Music from a device you’ve got, create a playlist, name it something unique and insert whatever songs you want in it, and then ask Google Home to play say “the second one playlist” and that should allow you to play your playlist.

Downside is you still can’t select any songs other than by asking it to skip, next, etc.

Method 2 – talk like a pirate

While the Frozen 2 soundtrack is clearly named “Frozen 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack/Deluxe Edition)” asking for that plays the original Frozen soundtrack.

So there’s no reason to believe that saying two hard Is to make it Frozen II would work… but yeah, “Hey google, Play Frozen Eye Eye” works.

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