OCOOPA rechargeable hand warmer/power bank review

The OCOOPA device has a couple of functions. The primary being a rechargeable hand warmer that can reach over 130 degrees and hold that temperature a long time, and the other a 5200mAh power bank.

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It shines as a hand warmer, and it’s acceptable as a power bank however it’s not a fast charger and I don’t think I saw it reach +700mA on my power monitor. But that’s not the primary purpose I guess.

The hand warmer has three levels (low, medium, too hot,) and lasts significantly longer than I expected it to. The size and weight are right about where you don’t have a problem pocketing it. The power button cannot be accidentally pressed easily, so less danger of hot pockets.

My six year old decided it was the greatest thing ever that day and hour and proceeded to drop it about four times, so it’s pretty rugged even though it doesn’t advertise that.

It comes with a couple of stickers and a card if you want to turn this into a gift.

It also ships with a USB-C cable that allows you to charge it via USB-C, or USB-A with the adapter, and a small carrying bag.

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There’s that one issue with the OCOOPA Rechargeable Hand Warmer

I found it difficult to locate a charger that the OCOOPA liked. I finally ended up charging it off of my computer. I tried a solar panel charger, fast charger, multi charger, but the only thing that worked was completely standard charging.

This isn’t particularly terrible, but as the thing is listed as a camping hand warmer many places, and camping works great with solar, and I couldn’t recharge it via solar, this rained on my parade.

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Overall it’s pretty great to give someone the gift of warm hands, or wherever you want to put it (it’s warm enough to double as a hot stone).

Amazon has the OCOOPA Rechargeable Hand Warmers at $19.75. We do get a commission from that link, should you want to not give one here’s a commissionless link.

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