8K TVs are here along with 8K opinion pieces on why not to purchase them

The human eye can only see so much, the standards aren’t standard. and of course there aren’t even streaming providers that will source a 4K stream properly are your intro reasons as to why to not purchase the next big thing.

TL;DR – do what you want. Realize it’ll be a few years and significantly cheaper before 8K is useful for the average consumer, however you’re probably not average. Writing this as my inbox is flooded with “why to skip 8K” pieces.

That the human eye can only see so much is an interesting claim. My first encounter with a higher than 4K TV was in the form of a prototype QLED at CES a couple of years back. The device was indistinguishable from a painting, until the image changed.

I cannot get my 4K TVs to fool me. But then again, perhaps that’s on me and my equipment. Larger TV, moar tehz pixels, 8K can improve it at closer than across the room viewings.

There’ll be no native content. This won’t be new. If you think you’re getting 4K with the streaming packages you’re paying for 4K for I’ve got some news for you. They’re barely delivering 1080p effective resolution and are upscaling (by adding computer generated bits of flecky noise) to 4K in the codecs.

Seriously, stream Daredevil, get close to the screen, and watch the noise.

So there’s no reason by the “no native content” argument to get a 4K tv, let alone an 8K one. Gaming barely can push a reasonably framerated 4K experience as it stands.

A Blu Ray native 4K content’s ~50 gigabytes, specs set that content to be at 82,108, or 128 mbit per second. We laugh at your 25mbit Amazon and Netflix “4K”.

So to get 8K with existing bandwidth, as streaming services will, they’ll just drop framerate, upscale some more, push it at 28mbit or so, and charge you an extra $5 a month for the 8K package.

Oh yeah, also if motion and such is important to you you should really check out some reasonably high frame rate 720P video as opposed to the shakycam 4k.

So yeah, 8K’s here, much like 4K there’s next to nothing that supports it, you can tell the difference if it’s sourced properly, but chances are you’re not going to get a decent source until 2023.

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