Google Assistant can activate with other colorful phrases

Inspired by a six and four year old who spent what seems like hours discovering this, here are some other wakeup phrases for Google Home / Google Assistant devices.

Google Home Hub initial impressions

This originally started as a sweet attempt by the six year old to help the four year old out with getting Google Assistant to respond because “Google” is hard for her to say (sounds more like “goo guh,”) it quickly devolved into the kids working on getting it to respond to poop.

  • OK poophole
  • low pay poodle
  • low grade moo hole
  • No tay doodle
  • hey bugle
  • Potay Noogle
  • ok boo boo
  • Hey goober
  • Yay pooper
  • ParTay Pooper
  • Otay Go Girl
  • OK Computer (occasionally)

You can use Otay, Auplay, and Yoplait for the first part as well assuming you hit the emphasis right.

My kids even discovered a Google Assistant wakeup that involves two kids saying a phrase at about the same time that Google picks up as the wake word.

Now if we could just figure out why our Google Home straight up refuses to recognize my wife or let her make video calls

What Google Assistant wake phrases have you discovered?

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