Grab a Power Cutie and become more powerful than you can possibly imagine

The Accell Power Cutie is aimed at the consumer who needs to charge multiple devices quickly in a small amount of space. Sporting four 2.4amp/5v charging ports you can charge devices at a quick clip. The three offset power plugs allow for powering anything else you want.

Accell Power Cutie
The protected light lets you know your handyman installed your outlet incorrectly

Initial impressions

This reminds me a bit of Accell’s Powramid, which has been a staple of my charging and entertainment center’s life. An odd shape that at first you might be put off by, but grows on you.

The ability to screw it into a wall might be useful, however the way the plug comes out, if you’re mounting it above the outlet which I assume most would, you’ll have an upside down logo which seems a little off.

Accell Power Cutie

It feels a bit large for what it is, and you’ll probably wonder if they couldn’t slap in another power outlet or two with the space. You’ll also wonder where exactly this should go because with outlets on every side this thing sort of looks like a spider when in use.

Power, cute!

The device is rated to 1800 watts, of which 24 go to the four built-in USB ports. To save you from the math, this means 2 devices can pull 2.4 amps, or four devices can pull about 1.2amps per. You’re not going to charge four x 2.4amp devices at full tilt with this unless you put a power adapter in one of the outlets.

There are no special fast charging methods here as you may have guessed with the 24 watt total. I believe most fast charging devices start at 18 watts per port, but may be a bit off on this these days.

It’s got surge protection up to 540 joules, but that’s not something I’m equipped to test.

Use case

Side of a desk, behind a TV/monitor, or under a console. It’s not something I want sitting on my desk just due to how the cables will have to come out, but it’s something I’d use near it.

As with anything, your use cases will vary.

They’re available in red, white, and blue, but I see none in what would match what I’ve got (gray or black,) so… hrmm.

Should I get one?

Depends on your needs and whether you want a Poke-ball looking outlet. Why are you asking me? Did Steve send you? What did he say?

The Accell Power Cutie is available at Amazon, where we get a commission if you click this link,.

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