I bought a thing: Cone shaped ice scraper

This isn’t particularly tech, but occasionally I’ll take an interest in something that looks like it can’t possibly work, and in this particular case I got a two pack of a cone shaped round windshield scraper.

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I didn’t believe the advertising, they had free returns, and I hate scraping ice while a freezing child strapped into a car seat is saying “daddy, I’m cold and I fear I may perish!” ads showed this being almost instant.

So, I’ve tried it on three types of window icing now. This being the south we get freezing rain, we get “can’t even describe that sheet there considering nothing else is frosted,” and we get this weird ultra-skinny snow that nothing quite gets right.

What I found was that this worked on two out of the three just as advertised. You have a mild frosted window that would take two minutes to ice scrape with a conventional, you can probably do it in 10 seconds if you figure out how to get it started. The not quite right snow required shifting weight distribution on the thing and pulling the snow from the interior of the cone.

And that’s the problem with these, if you don’t start it right, it’s terrible. I almost gave up on the first frosting because it never seemed to catch. I’d scrape a little, it would pop out. Figured for one type of frosting that I needed to put weight on the back of it, for the other I needed it straight down.

Am I trying to sell you this? Nope. (although if you click my link I will get a commission) Just thought I’d let you know a spammy looking ice scraper that caught my attention worked. And that’s a thing I bought.

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