I’m currently streaming Google 92+ hours a day

It’s getting close to that that I’m actively streaming content to or from Google. You could of course just say it’s 24 hours split among devices, I’m having fun here.

I’ll note this isn’t me attempting to waste bandwidth, but a gradual progression of use of the music service for my family and additional devices that took me from about an hour or two a month device streaming to non-stop.

I’ll also note, I’m paying for it.

It started a while back when I created a playlist for my oldest. Bedtime music that knocked her out. It was about a two hour long playlist and at the time that was that. My youngest asked for the same. It was easier to stream it than it was to play it off of my computer, and I had a couple of Google Home units laying around doing nothing.

Toast Made custom photo etching Google Home wrap

When I go to bed I’d ask the nearest speaker to play white noise. It streams the blissful hissy sounds that almost perfectly block out the railroad switching station’s random bumps, crashes, and squeals. I live about a half mile from one, it’s loud.

By 2020 Google Play Music or whatever it’s called this week was streaming white noise 8 hours a night, and relaxing sounds and music 12 hours a night for two kids. That was 28 hours of music streaming a night.

Nest Hello WiFi Video Doorbell

Last year I picked up a Nest Hello doorbell and a couple of Nest IQ cams. Each one streams 24/7 up to a Google/Nest server. There’re two Home displays in the place grabbing pictures randomly to show us when we’re awake.

Nest Cam IQ

I’m not dependant on it. I mean the Nest cams are, but the music I could stream via WiFi or Bluetooth if needed.

It’s been an interesting rabbit hole to go down since 2010. We’re nearing my first decade with Google products. I mean, I had a gmail account prior, but I didn’t even use that much until I got my first Android phone (the HTC EVO 4G.)

Now, most data off my network goes to the goog one way or the other.

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