The bastard stepchild of the Y2K bug is here

Twenty plus years ago some Y2K-fixing developers evidently took a shortcut and made 2020 a pivot year in 2-digit date calculations. That would be anything before xx-xx-20 such as 1-17-19 would register as 2019, but anything such as 1-8-20 would resolve into 1920.

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Worked great for 20 years, 14,000+ NYC parking meters and the Hamburg Subway System (possibly,) it didn’t work so well for (see linked article).

Basically anyone who did a pivot year (which can be anything, but 20 seems to be where things are starting,) and their software is still in use, are going to find their software failing.

Pivot year code was a quick fix intended to buy time for a real fix… a patch that was forgotten.

The linked ZDNet piece below mentions an EA game. Does seem a bit odd they’d run pre 99 code in a modern game however.

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